Who We Are

Good Reason is motivated by social change, not profit. In popular jargon, we might be described as a ‘social enterprise’. In truth though, every worthwhile enterprise is a social enterprise: whether for profit or not, good companies are those that serve some useful social purpose. We try to be a good company.

Details matter

Our work is based on specific computer systems, but we aren’t ‘just geeks’. We give advice, but we aren’t ‘just consultants’.

We are interested enough not to talk when we ought to be listening; patient enough to wade through ideas that won’t work to find the one that will; experienced enough to know when to use the right technology – and when to use a sharp pencil instead.

We believe a ‘system’ is a way of thinking and behaving, not a piece of software, and that technology is only useful when applied to well understood problems.

We believe miracles require a little thought. We think details matter.

Our approach

• We ask and seek answers to difficult questions
• We apply simple logic to complex problems
• We involve and listen seriously to users
• We set realistic deadlines and stick to them
• We ignore technology fads in favour of what works

Our Experience

• CRM database analysis, development and management
• Large-scale software development projects
• Evaluation and coordination of 3rd party software developer relationships
• Analysing and rebuilding business processes
• Online fundraising systems
• Event management and associated systems
• Financial and organisational management of SMEs and non-profits

About Stephen Garrett

Stephen is Good Reason’s principal. He has spent more than 35 years in the travel, software and non-profit sectors as a manager, developer, entrepreneur and pro-bono consultant to charities. Good Reason grew out of his desire to provide effective, low-cost system solutions and operational advice to charities and community-based organisations working for the common good.

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