Good Thinking ・ Good Causes

Good Reason offers software and systematic thinking - good reason - to charities and others working for the common good. We believe that details still matter in a society dominated by image, technology, and diminishing attention spans. Getting them right is the only way to ensure a good idea succeeds. And the world needs successful ideas.

What we do

We deliver affordable database and fundraising solutions based on CiviCRM, an open-source contact management system designed specifically for the non-profit sector. We offer systems-related advice in areas where many smaller non-profits struggle for efficiency.

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Who we are

Stephen Garrett founded Good Reason after an eclectic career in travel, software and the non-profit sector as a manager, programmer, consultant and entrepreneur. Good Reason combines his professional experience with a long-held interest in social justice.

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Who we work with

We work with a variety of non-profit organisations and charities who need advice managing their CRM and fundraising requirements. Our clients matter to us beyond what we might do for them. We engage with their causes and they become ours.

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Vision Statement?

Yes, the world does have a few true visionaries. We're not among them.

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Mission Statement?

Astronauts - and missionaries - need mission statements. We don't employ either.

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What really matters to us?

Listening carefully, thinking clearly, speaking sensibly, and acting responsibly. Because details matter.

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